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Flowers Power

Terms of use

Terms of use

Through our website, Flowers Power offers at its users access to a directory of various CBD products known and their details, the ranking of the best products and labels according to the opinions and comments of consumers.
The registered user can place an order directly to the producer and he can become a reseller for a label.
Labels can manage their products and add them for free!
Under a pro subscription, labels can receive orders, manage their points of sale and their collaborators.

Terms of use must be accepted at registration.
The services that Flowers Power provides to its users are subject to the following terms of use.
Flowers Power reserves the right to modify and update the Terms of Use at any time, such changes, modifications, additions or deletions will come into force following a notification on the website, by email or by mail or by any other means by which the user will be informed. Any use of the site by the user after the modification of the conditions constitutes an acceptance of the changes, modifications or additions by the user.
Without notification. The most recent version of the Terms of Use can be read by clicking on the << Terms of Use >> link at the bottom of our web pages.

Registration is free and offers consumers the chance to express their experiences, through votes and comments, so that other consumers can find out more.
It also allows you to bookmark your favorite products and place an order.

Minimum information ; Sex, Pseudo, Email.
If you wish and to refine the searches, you can fill in the fields; Age, Pathology, Profession.
Your addresses for deliveries.

The user agrees to give a sincere opinion and not to somehow skew the votes in favor of a product or a label.

A vote per 24h maximum!
A user can vote once per product or label!
Vote is dynamics and can be changed once per 24h.

We recommend that you give your opinion only with good knowledge of the product, after having tried it several times without mixing it with other products or other substances if possible on an empty stomach.

You can give your opinion on the six basic criteria and if you know them on the criteria of health, if you have no opinion on a health criteria you can abstain from voting.

The ranking only takes into account the voted criterion.
The value of the minimum and maximum of the vote for each criterion goes from 1 to 10, 1 corresponds to a half star.
If there is a tie, the number of votes split the score, the number of votes is displayed next to the result for each criterion.

Nous remercions les producteurs de ne pas essayer de fausser les votes.

For each product or label, you have the possibility to post a new comment to reply to a comment already present, to vote for a comment and to modify your comments and if there is no answer to delete them.

Labels and shops can, manage and add their products, images and information for free.

It is possible to manage in the price of the products, the orders of the users, the sell points with personalized markers on Google Map, the telephone of order for each product and the email addresses where the orders arrive.

Flowers Power agrees not to sell or share any personal data or other information to any third party.
We use modern security measures to protect your information from unauthorized users.